Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas Advent Calendar

I fell in love with this advent calendar from Carrie @ Buzzings of a Queen Bee a few years ago.  It was one of the first DIY projects I found while blogging.  Pinterest wasn't around then, so I printed her version out and tried my best to re-create it.
I was drawn to the shapes, colors and creativity of this advent calendar. I loved it so much, that I tried REALLY hard to find the exact scrapbook papers she used, yes, I'm a copy cat!  As I recall, Hobby Lobby had their 12x12 paper 50% off that week, so it was great timing.
The boxes came from the natural wood and paper mache aisle @ HL.  I picked out my 24, getting six of each shape... oval, square, circle and rectangle.  I arranged them on a frame I already had until I liked the placement.  Originally, the frame was a natural wood; I painted it a reddish-orange.
I couldn't resist showing a picture of this room.
The paint I used was left over from when our game room was paprika red...
Circa 2006... before I had discovered blogging and Pinterest!  :)

Okay, back to business...
Then I used a magnetic paint so that I could adhere a magnet to each box.  NOTE: The magnetic paint gets stronger when you apply several coats, I suggest doing this so your boxes are secure.
I used the lids to trace the scrapbook paper, 
choosing careful placement, to get a good design.
Once I got them all traced and cut out, I mod podged the lids (not the paper), adhering the paper to the lid.  After careful layout and paper selection, I numbered the boxes and attached them to the magnetic frame.  Here is the result:
I stapled a cute black and white polka dot grosgrain ribbon at the top left and right and hung on the wall.  The kids love it.  Boxes are filled with bible scripture and other small trinkets for them to discover each night.  I hung it in the downstairs hallway that we pass every night before heading to bed.  

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A Vintage Vine said...

Love this copy cat....I remember her post from before I blogged! Great job!

classic • casual • home said...

This is so clever!!!

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