Sunday, January 22, 2012

My New Craft Table

Hi!  I didn't realize it had been almost three weeks since my last post.
We've been busy with lots of exciting projects.  Speaking of which... I'm happy to start the organization process of my craft room/home office.  Back in October, we took our two HUGE desks to Furniture Buy Consignment, a local high end used furniture store.  In less than two months, both of them sold! 
The hubs and I made a deal that we (okay, I) would use the money from the furniture to re-do the room.   
I ordered this desk today from Home Decorators Collection.  It's the Martha Stewart Living Craft Space Table.  They were offering free shipping (through 1/23/12) and $10 off your order of $100 or more, so it was great timing!  Due to my bad back, I decided to get the 36"x54" size (countertop height).  For certain projects, I like to stand because it's better on my back.  After reading the reviews, many customers ordered the taller one for the same reasons! 

It's perfect!  I wanted a substantial table, but with an airy and light feel, if that makes sense.
Now I'm on the look out for a pair of barstools, one for me and a crafting buddy!  :)

My inspiration for this room comes from several of my favorite bloggers.
One in particular is Megan from Honey We're Home.  I adore her office and shortly after I found her,
I purchased the fabric she used for her office drapes.  
Waverly Bedazzle Silver Lining

I've had the fabric for almost a year and needless to say, I can't wait to sew them and watch the room come to life!  The two colors I'm considering for the room are:
Sherwin Williams Friendly Yellow

I'm leaning more towards the yellow because we have a lot of gray tones throughout our home.  
I'll be clearing the room and preparing to paint with one of those colors in the next week or so.
After that, we are heading to Ikea to purchase one of these...

So, if I'm MIA for awhile, you'll know what I'm doing!
In the mean time, I plan to post some small projects I've completed!
Have a good week!


Susan said...

Oooo!! I love the desk!! Could I be a crafting buddy in your new space?! ;) I know you don't want gray again but that is a very nice color. Hmm...maybe I should use it somewhere. You have such great interior design sense. Can't wait to see the full reveal!!

Mimi@blueroofcabin said...

I love your choices, that fabric is gorgeous! I'm loving gray right now myself. Look forward to seeing how it all comes out!

Alicia @ Sweet Ava Kate said...

Thanks ladies! I love the gray too, actually considering it for our master bedroom. Guess it wouldn't hurt to have two rooms the same color, huh? Susan... you can be my crafting buddy any day! :)

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