Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I've Been Featured on Krylon's "Projects in a Can"

Hope your Memorial Day weekend was both relaxing and productive.  We spent most of our time outside doing some much needed yard work and entertaining the kids.  It took hubby most of the day to mulch the front yard... 43 bags and we still didn't buy enough!  
I'm SO excited to share with you that about a week after I posted the Flower Mirror
tutorial, I received an email from a Krylon rep asking me if I'd like to submit my project on their "Projects in a Can" site.  I checked with a few local bloggers to make sure it wasn't spam.  Being a new blogger, this was the first time I had received an opportunity like this, so I had to be sure!  I got the "all clear" and submitted my tutorial the next day!  As soon as it's reviewed by the department, it will hopefully be available to view on their facebook and twitter... so cool!  I checked today and found it on their web site.  You can view it here in their Creative Corner.

As I've been browsing through their site; I've noticed other projects I've seen on blogs I follow.  It's probably nothing new for so many of you, but being new at this, I was so giddy at the chance to have my project featured!  Many thanks to Kathleen @ Krylon for contacting me!  :)

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Gertie Mae said...

Congrats on your first feature! The flower mirror is so cute!

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