Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Heart Goodwill!

I visited the local Goodwill a few weeks ago and wanted to share the treasures I brought home.  First is this beautiful solid wood mirror.  I love the lines and it was in great condition for just $15!
My plan is to paint it antique white with some heavy distressing and glaze.  
I have also thought about turning it into a chalkboard.  It's quite large, so finding a place for it would be a challenge.  As of right now, it is propped up in our daughter's room on her dresser.  I like it here too!  So many options for this cute mirror!  

On my way towards the check out, I spotted this adorable make-up bag and immediately thought, "Ava would love this!"  I added it in for just $1.59!  
The other treasures I found were silver plated tea sets, a jewelry tray (for my bedside table), lamp with shade for $7.99 (Score!) and this wood wine crate for $2.99!  I used it in my pantry redo to house my canned/boxed goods.
I continue to be on the hunt for a cute vintage style chair that I can redo for our home office. There are a few flea markets coming soon, so I hope to get lucky there!
Hope you're having a great week!

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