Sunday, August 14, 2011

Master Bathroom Reno... We Left This One To The Professionals!

Hi everyone!  Hope you enjoyed your weekend.  We just returned from our family vacation to the Gulf Coast.  The kids had a great time playing at the beach and swimming in the pool.  We're happy to have one more week of summer break to recuperate before school starts!  

I know most blogs I browse are primarily about sharing DIY's, but I'm so excited to share our recent master bath renovation.  Don't worry, there's a (small) DIY at the end of this! We decided to leave this one to the professionals because we feared there may be mold hiding behind the tile walls!  We didn't really intend on doing such an extensive reno, but since we were tearing it all down, we decided to just go for it!  Besides, if there was mold back there, we wanted to get this one done as soon as possible! Thankfully, there was minimal (if any) mold during the demolition.  This project started in March and was completed in about three weeks.  Here are the "oh so lovely" before pictures.  Please excuse the quality, as they were taken with DH's iPhone.

The demolition took the men about a day.  Let me just say, those guys work fast!  
Here are some demo pics of both the shower and tub area...
They installed the shower pan liner and raised the shower head.  
Now hubby doesn't have to hunch.
Here's the floor tile, bullnose trim and travertine we chose.
Apparently travertine is a pain to work with and very fragile.  
Several cracked just on the way from the store to the house.  
Here is the tub reframed, new hardware installed and hardieboard with RedGuard.  The hardieboard aides in blocking out moisture.  The RedGuard is an added moisture barrier... our guy was very thorough and suggested this extra step to help prevent mold.
Hardieboard, RedGuard and tile floor.
 Stone installed with accent tiles.  It was exciting to see it all come together!  We couldn't help but peek in every hour or so to see the progress.  Can you blame us?
Before our semi-frameless door was installed...
The ledge was slightly angled to help shed water.  The glass will be installed on the outside edge.  This is my favorite feature, as this will add an extra 3-4 inches (making the inside feel bigger) and give me a place to sit!  They suggested that a "wet" seal be added to the accent tiles.  This helped to bring out the colors in the tile.  We also LOVE the accent border, bullnose trim, added soap tray and nook!

Are you ready for the reveal?  What a HUGE difference this made!  We are beyond thrilled with the results!  See how I had no ledge in the inside?  Made it difficult for this girl to shave her legs!  Here's a reminder of the before...
 And the beautiful after!  Isn't she lovely?
Thanks to Eric and his team at HomePro-Renovations!
In my next post, I'll share with you the work DH and I put toward completing this space.  You can already see the paint color we chose, Sherwin Williams Austere Gray.  The guys at HomePro had to retexture our walls, as there was very dated wallpaper that we stripped off.  We discovered that they (the builders) had smoothed the walls to adhere wallpaper, making it a pain to re-do this room on a budget.

The window valance was made using three napkins I found at Stein Mart.  They have a beautiful taupe and cream damask design.  I'll be back soon to show you the other side of the bathroom... stay tuned!    

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Susan said...

WOWZA!!! It's gorgeous!!! I love those tiles!! And the faucets!!

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