Monday, July 04, 2011

Sunroom in Sea Salt

Happy 4th of July everyone!  Hope you are enjoying this three day weekend. Remember this cake recipe I posted back in May? I hope you've had a chance to try it! We've been so busy around here that I didn't have time this year.
We've been productive with long overdue house projects.  Oh, and just to warn you... this post has lots of pics!  First on the list was our dreadful sunroom with monkey and palm tree window treatments.  It's been this way since we moved in seven years ago.  Can you believe we've lived with it this long?  We had a recent garage sale and I sold those babies (and those scrolly bar stools) to a lady that was thrilled to have them! Now that they are gone, the room already looks better!
Here's the room before I painted. 
You can see where I tested another paint color, but found it to be too similar to the existing wall color.  I'm so glad I decided on the fresh and airy look!
I've always loved Sherwin William's Sea Salt that Layla has used in her home.  So light and airy and with all the windows, I knew it would look great in this room!  It was the perfect time to buy paint too!  SW was having a 30% off paints and stains sale, plus I had a $10 off your $50 purchase.  I bought everything I needed to paint this room (paint, roller, tray and tape) for $43.21!  Yay!

Here's the room now!  Sorry for the picture quality.  It was dark and I was excited to post some pictures.  I LOVE it!  It's not even complete and I'm so thrilled with it thus far!  
I was at TJ Maxx/Home Goods a few months ago and snagged these table cloths.  Three of them in different lengths for $50 dollars, much cheaper than buying it at a fabric store. I've made window valances out of cloth napkins before and I have read where several of you have made faux roman shades and other treatments out of table cloths.  I was up for the challenge!  Aren't they gorgeous?  
 Here they are with the new room color!  I can't wait to see them when I'm finished!  
Here's a close-up!
I saw this BHG picture on The Inspired Room's blog and would love to make the window treatments similar to this, only not inset because my windows aren't framed with molding. So pretty!  I'm currently looking for a tutorial on these, so if you've seen one, please let me know!  :)   


Ashley said...

I love the color! And the tablecloth fabric is gorgeous! They are going to look great as curtains.

Denise at PinkPostcard. said...

I love that inspiration pic too. Your wall color is gorgeous. I like how it brightens the space! Great idea with the tablecloths- you found some great deals so far! Thanks for linking up to Transformations and Treasures! I hope you'll link up again with the progress! :)

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Just Lovely!! Great color for your walls... I am going to look at that color for some re-do's I am doing... Thanks for sharing.
On the inspiration valance. I do a lot of curtains & these should be fairly easy. It looks like it is a straight piece of fabric, gathered gathered up where ever you want it to. (run a gathering stitch up ) I have even seen them gathered with a piece of ribbon in those place. You could make self fabric ribbon pieces & just hang them around & pull them up to the height you would want. & I am sure there are patterns out there in any fabric store... check out Jo-Anns or Hobby Lobby for sales on patterns... : )
Again... Nice job on the sunroom!!

BeingBrook said...

Love the sea salt color. I had it in my craft room in my old house and our kitchen is currently that color! Love the tablecloths for the curtains. I bet they will turn out great. You could do the curtains like this Or hang them and gather them up with ribbon if you didn't want them to go up and down.

Chris said...

This looks so incredible! I just bought the SAME brand of tablecloths for the SAME reason! Great minds, eh? I can't wait to see it all together!

michele said...

loving the inspiration fabric and photo!

found you via HH.

hope you'll visit me and my giveaway:


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