Monday, June 20, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours!

We've had a lot going on in the last few weeks.  Blogging has had to take a back seat and I've really missed it.  School ended for us in early June and it's been a crazy roller coaster ride ever since.

Here's a recap...
On June 8th, I came home from working out and found two puppies in the alleyway behind our house.  The hubs and I welcomed them into our backyard and began making signs to post in our neighborhood.  I also posted an email on our local HOA site, hoping to get some quick responses.  We were leaving town later that week, so if no one claimed them, our plan was to take them to the local shelter.  After three days and no phone calls or emails, we drove to our local shelter, only to find they had a recent outbreak of Parvo (deadly virus to puppies) and we immediately knew we wouldn't feel right leaving them there.  Aren't they just the cutest?  Such happy pups!  Our daughter named them Rosie (black/white) and Daisy (brown).
Since they were strays, no other shelters would take them.  We brought them back home and asked a few of our neighbors with children to check on them while we were away. This was the last thing we thought we'd be doing before leaving town, but being the animal lovers we are, we were not about to just take them anywhere.  When we returned from our visit with family, we revisited the idea of shelters and other options.  I called our local SPCA, explained our situation and they offered a few options...
The best one was to claim them as our pets and pay the surrendering fees of $20 each. We knew taking them to the SPCA would be the best place for them.  When we brought them in, they were warmly received and I was guaranteed they would be adopted by the weekend.  I'll admit, it was hard to give them up, but we knew we were doing the best thing for them.  Our backyard is not suitable for these cute pups.  They were collie mixes and just looking at their feet, we knew they would be big dogs!  Thankfully, the kids understood that we could not keep them; that definitely made it easier on us.  During that 6-day span of puppy ownership, we learned that our family just might be getting closer to owning our own!  Maybe Santa will leave one under the tree!  :)

On June 15th, we learned our sweet almost 6 year-old daughter needs full time eye glasses.  She recently failed her eye test with the pediatrician and they referred us to a pediatric opthamologist.  I was surprised to learn that she is ecstatic about getting glasses! I'm so glad she doesn't have any anxiety about this, as I wondered if she would.  We can't wait to see how she looks in them and anxious to see the improvement in her vision.
On June 17th, our little boy had a minor surgery.  It was a two hour procedure to repair a hernia.  Needless to say, we were nervous parents as those two hours seemed to drag on.  Three days later and he's back to his active self!  Aside from the fact his appetite hasn't quite returned, you'd never know!  It's been quite a challenge to keep him from jumping and straddling toys... hard to keep a two year old down for too long!
These pics were taken pre-surgery...
The silly juice they gave him before surgery was starting to kick in.  The squeaking of the chair was so funny to him.  I love this picture of us!  
So, now that I'm seeing things slowing down a bit, I hope to return to blogging and posting some fun projects I've been working on.  I have three rooms in the works right now.  The kitchen, home office and sunroom are getting some facelifts.  Painting and storage building are the two main things on the list.  It will be a slow process, but I'm hoping by the end of the summer we will have at least one of them completed!  Hope to post some updates in the coming weeks!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

My Recent "Pins" on Pinterest

Hope you're having a great weekend!  Here are some of my latest pins from the past week.  Hope they inspire you to create something beautiful!

Source: Just a Girl via Alicia on Pinterest
Paint color: Iced Green by Benjamin Moore
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